Chateau Vignelaure Rosés


The first vintage of the flagship red wine Chateau Vignelaure was made in 1970. This was the wine on which the reputation of the domaine was built. Later in 1993, Chateau Vignelaure produced its first rose, La Source de Vignelaure. Today, three rosés are produced each with their own distinctive style. Provence is the largest producer of rosé in France and the wines are known not only in the region but also around the world where there has been a significant increase in their consumption in recent years.

Since the first rose was produced at Vignelaure many awards and press reviews have recognised the quality of all three wines that are made at Vignelaure. This quality is based on maximum attention to detail in the vineyard to keep yields of grapes down and to ensure the grapes arrive at the cellar in the optimum condition. Individual vinification of parcels and varieties with very cool fermentation using specially selected yeasts with the process from the vineyard to the cellar. Indeed there are few other Domaines which have achieved such a strong record of accolades.

At Vignelaure parcels are specifically selected and picked at the optimum moment for making rosé. Slightly lower sugar levels and higher acidity levels in the grapes produce wines with less alcohol, more pronounced aromatic qualities plus fresher fruit flavours.


Three distinctive styles are produced 

Chateau Vignelaure Rosé

First produced in 2003 this rosé is made in the tradition of a “Grand Vin”. It has an elegance, complexity and, somewhat unusually for a rosé, the potential to age and develop for a number of years. The principle reason for creating this new style of Rosé was to make something which has more body and structure than is typically found in rosés of the South of France.

The grapes, Syrah, Grenache and Cabernet are strictly selected from parcels in the vineyard where there is the potential to have a higher level of extraction and then vinified to produce a richer style. This Rosé has the ability to be matched with gastronomic cuisine where wines with more substance would normally be partnered.

La Source de Vignelaure

The classic Rosé from Vignelaure that is named after the natural spring in the gardens of the Chateau. Provence is a climate of extremes and the heat and dryness of the summer has meant for centuries there was a real dependence on having a natural spring to help during the summer months when there was very little rain – springs were essential to survival and even today are associated with life and fertility. The La Source de Vignelaure rosé is made in a style that is instantly recognisable, floral and light with notes of summer fruits, it has a softness that makes it appealing to connoisseurs and those who are looking for a flavour of Provence. Made from a selection of grapes traditionally grown in Provence, Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault and Cabernet Sauvignon, it has distinguished itself by it’s awards, reviews and medals. 

Le Page de Vignelaure

Le Page de Vignelaure is a full expression of the potential of Cabernet Sauvignon on Château Vignelaure terroir. This cuvée 100% Cabernet Sauvignon has a nice salmon colour, beautiful nose of ripe red fruits and a very nice balance between the roundness and the freshness. The finish is long with strawberries flavours.